Terms and Condition



The products we have on this website are made in India and all orders are subject to availability. In the event of supply difficulties or products no longer in stock, we will give you information regarding the same
We can specially make new products upon order, but we need a minimum for 15 days to be delivered to you in Switzerland. The sizes are standard and we will not be able to custom make them without a pre-order payment which is non-refundable.
We will refund the full cost minus the shipping cost, if the customer returns the product within 14 days after delivery. We will also refund the full cost if the product is damaged. The customer who wishes to return must pay the return shipping cost.
The colour and form of the product might differ from the photos shown on the website.
All products are made of natural fibers and most of them are handmade and naturally dyed. These products need special washing care. We ask you to read the fabric care and there after we are not responsible if the product looses it’s original form and colour.